Step into your Vision! Part 3 of 4


Welcome back to this third part of a four-part series on creating the business you love (whether it’s now or in the future). This week we’re focusing on your entrepreneurship vision. The importance of having a big picture perspective on what we want our business to do, versus being caught up in the weeds. How can you get clearer on your vision? Here are two simple suggestions you can do today to get clear, passionate about and ready to execute on the vision for your business:

Strategy #1: Create a Vision Board

Have you created a Vision Board – a visual representation of your greatest aspirations and potential of your business? If you do, have you updated it lately? If you have one, is it just about your business or is it about your life holistically?  (I recommend you have both.)

Anytime time I create a vision board, I am always blown away by the intuitions that surface, learning something about what I have as an intention in the world. And it’s amazing that shifts every time I create one.

The first time I created a business vision board, I was blown away by what I wanted in my business and what I needed it to do for our family, our finances and my identity. I created it at a group event organized by a speaking colleague Laurie Flasko who said, “Now flip it over and write how much money you’re going to make.” And I said, “Oh no, no, no, no, that’s not what the vision board’s about. It’s about my big picture vision.” And she replied, “Well, if you can’t make enough money to stay in business, then what’s the point of having a really great vision?” Ah! Good point. So, I did. It was a number way more ambitious than I would have created without being in that moment of inspiration. And you know what? Even though we were four months into my fiscal year, I still surpassed that number (when I hadn’t been on track to do so).

The power of a vision that allows you to get clarity, perspective and ambitious about what your business can to do for you, your lifestyle, your finances, your family and so on. Pull from what you see what needs to grow, change, stay the same and shift. Translate what you see metaphorically or literally into concrete plans; whether you can realize them in year one or it will take you ten, you’re much more likely to reach it if you have it clearly pictured in your mind and you look at it every day (I have my vision boards hung in my office.)

Ready to have a big picture recalibration of your business? Get out the magazines, Bristol board, scissors and a glue stick! Need instructions? Check them out here.

Strategy #2: Retirement Speech

Here’s the second thing that you can do, and this one I really wanted to make sure I included because even for those of you who aren’t entirely sure or know that entrepreneurship is not necessarily part of your big picture perspective, this is really great for you.

So, entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs, do you have a retirement speech? This may seem a little strange for those of you who are 20 or 30.  You may be thinking, “I have retirement so far in the future. I don’t need to do this.

The point is not preparing for your retirement dinner. The point is getting clear on what your legacy is going to be.

Grab some paper or open the recording app on your phone. First, describe in vivid detail the context in which you’re giving your retirement speech. Is it a big gathering or is it small, is it grand or low-key, is it at work or a more personal setting? Really get yourself in the setting. Think about the guest list, the type of venue, what kind of “vibe” the event has.

Then record what you’re going to say. Are you thanking people? Are you reflecting on some of your accomplishments and if so what are they? (Whether you’re realized them yet or not, it doesn’t matter.) Are you giving some advice and if so what is it? Are you talking about the advice and the mentorship you’ve received in your career? What are the most important points you are going to share about life, business or other adventures?

The power of your retirement speech is that it calibrates all the important things that you plan to do and have done in your career. You don’t need to have accomplished them yet (in fact it’s good when you haven’t – you can begin to reverse engineer it now you’re clear this is a key outcome by end of career) because that’s the power of getting clear on your vision.

Whether it’s one of these strategies or an infinite number of other strategies that you can use to get clear on your business vision, it’s about being at the end and then decide how do you work backward to achieve it.

Remember, it all starts with one next step. After you’ve completed your vision and you’re sitting there basking in the clarity that you have now that perhaps you didn’t have before, I ask you this: What’s your one next step to move into your greatness? Comment and share!

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