Unleash Your Inner Superhero

Unleash Your Inner Superhero

Tap into the 5 secrets that will ignite your greatness

What if you were a superhero and you never knew it? You may think you’re just doing your job and it’s “normal.” Whereas, to others, the work that you’re doing is extraordinary.

Let’s uncover and explore your unique gifts, strengths, and talents. Here’s the opportunity to refill your greatness gas tank, recharge your resiliency batteries, and activate your superpowers.

Now, imagine doing this together! Imagine the influence, a shared sense of purpose, and cohesive collaboration that comes from activating your collective superpowers. BOOM!

This session is not a “rah rah,” Instagram filtered, #MotivationalMonday, artificial platitudes, lollipops, and unicorns type session. This session is designed to reveal the truth, facts, hard evidence, and reality about your undeniable greatness.

You know you want to Unleash Your Inner Superhero if:

  • You are a team that is committed to remaining resilient despite struggles
  • You’re a leader who wants staff to be energized and work to their fullest capabilities every day
  • You’re an organization that knows that happy and engaged staff are those who stay
  • You need a delicious and engaging experience at your next recognition event

Stop minimizing your greatness. Start getting inspired and into action so you can make the biggest impact.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Tap into the 5 secrets that will clarify and mobilize your unique strengths
  • Apply the 3-step process to dream bigger and decide your next action steps
  • Determine your most important priorities and decide between a “heck yes” and a “no way” attitude
  • Solidify what brings you joy, resiliency, and energy so you can be productive and satisfied
  • Unleash your inner superhero and flex your greatness muscles (gym membership is optional)

Delivery Formats:

  • This session can be delivered live or virtual
  • Keynote: 60 to 90 minutes
  • Interactive breakout session: half day or full day
  • Zentention workbook for attendees (strongly recommended)

This session can be delivered in the following formats




All attendees and speakers are physically present in one location

All attendees are joining entirely online

Some attendees (and possibly some speakers) are joining in-person and some online

See Sarah in Action

Snack on some scrumptious samples of Sarah’s speaking (try saying that three times fast).

Energize Your Team
by Activating
Their Superpowers

See this personal message from Sarah.

Energize Your Team
by Activating
Their Superpowers

See this personal message from Sarah.

Just For You …

  • Each session is customized to you
  • Each client is treated as the most important person
  • Each audience has a specific need to honor
  • Each industry has its own insights and data to capitalize on
  • Each presentation is prepared with an anthropological approach
  • Each event has hidden shiny stars that need to be uncovered and amplified

Why? Because you are greatness and it’s our unwavering, indisputable, undeniable promise (to the point where we want you to call our mothers if we don’t deliver) to show it to you with each and every presentation.

“Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.”

– Brené Brown

Meagan Pickett

Former Arena Recreation Programmer, City of Dawson Creek

"Listening to Sarah’s presentation at the Spark Women’s Leadership Conference was a breath of fresh air. Her infectious enthusiasm, positive attitude, and engaging stories captured my attention from the moment she stepped on stage. Her message of identifying and embracing each individual’s strengths really hit home for me; we all have something we are great at, so let’s recognize and combine these talents to create an unstoppable force. Not only was I given the tools and materials to help implement this attitude at work but also the motivation."
Sarah Latimer

Disability Services Professional, Community Living Tillsonburg

"Sarah is amazing! She draws you in and keeps your attention! She will change my life! Thank you!"
Rob Janisee

Alumni Coordinator, University of Windsor

"Sarah spoke at our inaugural Volunteer Appreciation Event and "knocked it out of the park". From the moment Sarah stepped on campus she was personable, engaged and very easy to work with. Her keynote speech was spectacular and was able to connect with a wide range of audience members. Everyone in the audience, whether they were a student, faculty member, staff or volunteer was able to leave with something from Sarah's keynote. What was even better was Sarah's ability to connect with the audience during the networking portion. She was engaged and attentive with everyone present and left a lasting impact on everyone in attendance. Multiple people asked for her contact information for a possible future appearance. This spoke to her ability to connect. I would recommend Sarah for anyone looking to bring in a speaker who is energetic, real and engaging. We look forward to working with you in the future."
Judy Kucharuk

Director, Marketing and Special Events, Encana Events Centre

"Funny, full of energy and incredibly motivating – all words to use when describing Sarah and her passionate stage presence. We were fortunate to have Sarah join us as a speaker for Spark Women’s Leadership Conferences and her presentations about leveraging greatness hit the core of our objective at SPARK: “A rising tide lifts all boats”. I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah to other organizations that are searching for a well-prepared, well-organized, thoughtful and passionate storyteller."
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