The Exponential Power of

The Exponential Power of Recognition

Superglue your culture through meaningful connection and abundant appreciation

If you had the easiest, fastest, simplest, and no-cost strategy to engage, unite, and retain everyone in your organization, would you want to know about it?

Many passionate, brilliant, hard-working people want to do their best yet feel unappreciated and overworked. Similarly, there are well-intentioned leaders who wish to show appreciation to their people, but they’re busy and unsure if their efforts will make a difference.

Add to that a stale and misaligned corporate recognition program, and what you have is the perfect recipe for disengagement and turnover!

How do we bridge the gap between what employees need and what organizations are prepared to do?

Recognition is the answer. And it’s easy! All you need to know are the 3 universal strategies that work instantaneously. As a result, you’re going to raise trust, boost satisfaction, deepen a sense of belonging, and you will go down in history as the best boss and colleague – ever!

This work is magical. And it creates a ripple effect. It gets leaders, employees, and everyone in between excited again. It gives people hope that they can LOVE work again.

This session will introduce you to a proven process for self, team, and organizational recognition called F.R.O.G. Forever Recognize Others’ Greatness™. You will walk away ready to take action to shift your culture right away.

Tap into this universal need that everyone has and isn’t getting enough. Join Canada’s Recognition Expert, Sarah McVanel, in creating a recognition movement that will be so contagious it will cascade through your event and beyond.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop greater confidence in giving and receiving sincere and authentic acknowledgments
  • Understand where your organization is wasting time and money on recognition programs that do not work (and what to do about it)
  • Be inspired to apply simple recognition habits at home and work
  • Understand the data and evidence substantiating the exponential power of recognition from a neuroscience, behavioral economics, and work psychology lens
  • Explore what retention-rich organizations do that transforms their employees into an army of recruiters

Delivery Formats:

  • Keynote: 45 to 90 minutes
  • Interactive breakout session: 1.5 to 3 hours
  • Masterclass: 1 to 3 days
  • Facilitated roundtable/panel discussion
  • Appreciation event planning consult (add-on)
  • Half-day organizational strategy session (add-on)
  • Fireside interview (add-on)
  • Recognition Program Audit (add-on)
  • Microlearning virtual course (add-on)
  • Bulk book and/or workbook purchase (add-on)
  • Follow up live video Q&A (add-on)
  • Book Club (add-on)

This session can be delivered in the following formats




All attendees and speakers are physically present in one location

All attendees are joining entirely online

Some attendees (and possibly some speakers) are joining in-person and some online

See Sarah in Action

Snack on some scrumptious samples of Sarah’s speaking (try saying that three times fast).

Amp Up Meaningful Connection
and Abundant Appreciation

See this personal message from Sarah.

Amp Up Meaningful Connection
and Abundant Appreciation

See this personal message from Sarah.

Just For You …

  • Each session is customized to you
  • Each client is treated as the most important person
  • Each audience has a specific need to honor
  • Each industry has its own insights and data to capitalize on
  • Each presentation is prepared with an anthropological approach
  • Each event has hidden shiny stars that need to be uncovered and amplified

Why? Because you are greatness, and it’s our unwavering, indisputable, undeniable promise (to the point where we want you to call our mothers if we don’t deliver) to show it to you with every presentation.

Want to book Sarah for this presentation?

Let’s explore how we can help you leverage the exponential power of recognition for retention, resilience, relationships, and results. Contact us to learn more about this presentation and how we can rock your attendees’ worlds!

“People work for money but go the extra mile for recognition, praise and reward.”

– Dale Carnegie

Kristie French

Director of Operations-Communications Division, Alliance Answer

"I wanted to take the opportunity today to say thank you for your dynamic and thought-provoking presentation. Your opening comment about how recognition was not only universal but easy and needed really stuck with me. My goal is to change that and take on the 30-day challenge."
Kim Redeker

Dietician, Extendicare

"What a dynamic, honest, positive and helpful speaker. Content could not be more applicable. Exactly what our group needed."
Luana Seguin

Manager, Learning Experience Architect, Scotiabank

"Sarah McVanel captivates audiences with her message to Forever Recognize Others Greatness ("FROG"). She reminds us that it is important to take the time to honour ourselves and to recognize the greatness in others because it creates a positive movement. As a speaker, Sarah is a dynamo! She engages the crowd using humour, thought-provoking questions, and storytelling. It's never a dull moment with her in the room. Sarah, I will forever recognize your greatness!"
Jamey Hopper

CEO, Dexcomm

"Thanks for the great virtual session at CAMX today. Inspired by the many comments in your session, we just met with our Executive Team and have committed to finding a way to send a gift to all employees at home next week"
Corinne Eisenbraun

Senior Director, Education Policy & Programs, Dietitians of Canada

"Sarah, people were totally absorbed in your message – I am sure you have now grown your ‘fan-base’ by a significant margin! They were all enthralled and your talk reminded me of the importance of recognition every day! I could just hear the positive vibe humming in the room when you finished the plenary presentation. Our students and new professionals group clearly just fell in love with you."
Nicole McKenzie

Client Services, AlayaCare 

"Sarah’s high-energy, engaging Keynote speech was the perfect way to kick off this year’s DeGroote Interprofessional Health Leadership Conference (DIHLC)! She has a unique ability to connect with the audience even virtually and her talk “The FROG Effect” about recognizing greatness in others, created a significant impact with our audience full of graduate students and healthcare professionals. She has a rare combination of entertainment value that will keep you on the edge of your seat; high energy to keep attendees engaged and by the end of her talk you will feel like you have been friends with her for years. I could not recommend Sarah more for any event or speaking engagement you may need!"
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