Recognition in a Hybrid World

Recognition in a Hybrid World

Rebuild connection and deepen engagement across the digital divide

Contrary to popular belief, hybrid workplaces are NOT disconnecting your people. The problem is not employees logging in from different locations, watercooler conversations being moved to keyboards or the tumbleweeds rolling down your office floor like the wild west. The problem is that before the rise of hybrid workplaces, we did not have authentic recognition practices hardwired into the cultural fabric. What we know today is the need for clarity and conviction to make recognition practices strong, authentic, sustainable, and owned by all.

The good news is that recognition is one of the most practical, accessible, and cost-effective ways to fuel healthy working relationships, trust, and retention. It allows your people to connect across the digital divide to participate, voice their opinions, brainstorm, and collaborate.

And guess what? You can do it from anywhere!

Consider recognition to be your cultural glue – whether you’re in-person or online. Let Canada’s Recognition Expert, Sarah McVanel, walk you through her three key remote recognition ingredients: nutritious, delicious, and luscious. Never has recognition been more important and as digestible.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the most practical, hybrid-friendly ways to appreciate an individual, team, and organizational level
  • Hear what the most recognition-rich hybrid workplaces are doing to boost collaboration and deepen the connection
  • Develop greater confidence in giving and receiving authentic virtual compliments
  • Transform your face-to-face rituals that worked and amplify them into hybrid practices that are sustainable and infectious
  • Understand the data and evidence substantiating the exponential power of recognition from a neuroscience, behavioral economics, and work psychology lens

Delivery Formats:

  • Virtual keynote: 45 to 90 minutes
  • Virtual interactive breakout session: 1.5 to 3 hours
  • Facilitated virtual roundtable/panel discussion
  • Half-day strategy session (add-on)
  • Bulk book and/or workbook purchase (add-on)
  • Follow up virtual Q&A (add-on)
  • Book Club (add-on)

This session can be delivered in the following formats




All attendees and speakers are physically present in one location

All attendees are joining entirely online

Some attendees (and possibly some speakers) are joining in-person and some online

See Sarah in Action

Snack on some scrumptious samples of Sarah’s speaking (try saying that three times fast).

Rebuild Connection
and Deepen Engagement
Across the Digital Divide

See this personal message from Sarah.

Rebuild Connection
and Deepen Engagement
Across the Digital Divide

See this personal message from Sarah.

Just For You …

  • Each session is customized to you
  • Each client is treated as the most important person
  • Each audience has a specific need to honor
  • Each industry has insights and data to capitalize on
  • Each presentation is prepared with an anthropological approach
  • Each event has hidden shiny stars that need to be uncovered and amplified

Why? Because you are greatness, and it’s our unwavering, indisputable, undeniable promise (to the point where we want you to call our mothers if we don’t deliver) to show it to you with every presentation.

“People will respond in accordance to how you relate to them.”

– Nelson Mandela

Blossom Alemao

Executive Assistant & Sector Coordinator, Eurest (Compass Group Canada)

"I first met Sarah in 2018 while coordinating our sector’s annual summit. Sarah completely understood our goals of people-first culture. She not only delivered on what our senior leaders were looking to achieve on our recognition initiatives; but effectively engaged and inspired our team, providing helpful tips and tools all the way. Our team has benefited immensely. When Compass decided to team up with Sarah for Wolf Pack, our women’s advancement program, we brought Sarah back for two keynotes and a book club. This time it was virtual but just as awesome. She transposes her energy and charisma via Webex just fine. There is no better time. Employee wants to hear that their company cares. that they are recognized, and that they matter!"
Jherica Rhodes

Learning Coordinator, Meeting Professional International

"Sarah was such a ravishing, engaging and powerful virtual speaker! From the preparation to the execution of her session, she was more than prepared and informational! She is one of the best speakers that I have had the pleasure of working with. The content she presented was like none other! I love hearing the passion in her voice that is expressed through her teachings. I was so honored to have worked with her and I can't wait until our next engagement!"
Amelia Rupsys


"On behalf of the ECRTNO, thank you for presenting at our conference this year. Feedback from the event has been overwhelmingly positive, our members are still talking about how successful and valuable it was for them both personally and professionally. We can’t thank you enough for your positive energy and a great start to our first virtual conference!"
Gary Blair

President & Chief Engagement Officer, 24 Call Management Solutions

"I had the pleasure of actually attending a conference in Puerto Rico last year where Sarah was the keynote speaker on employee engagement and recognition, something that’s near to the heart of most of us here at i24 Call Management Solutions. Sarah was just absolutely magnetic in how she engaged with us in the audience. I was wondering how Sarah’s magnetic personality was going to translate into a virtual format at another industry conference, but I have to say that it was just awesome how she engaged with our executive director as well as us in the audience asking tons of questions and using our feedback from the chat. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sarah if you’re considering her for a virtual conference in your own business or your own industry. I can’t say enough good things."
Melissa Chaulk

Manager of Professional Development

Canadian Dental Hygienists Association

"We work hard at CDHA to give our members a wonderful conference experience, so we were thrilled to have received resoundingly positive feedback on Sarah's opening plenary keynote. It was the highest attended of the entire conference for both dates!"
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