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Create a Recognition Movement

People learn the importance of recognition by experiencing it. If you’re organizing your next conference, meeting, or appreciation day, consider this an opportunity to enable your people to become your recognition champions and cultural crusaders.

Let the FROG Lady – F.R.O.G. Forever Recognize Others’ Greatness™ – help you transform and elevate appreciation.

You may think that you’re booking a session. What you’re actually getting is the start of a recognition movement and potentially becoming the next hero of your organization.

We have a delicious menu of speaking topics if you want your people to truly connect, feel motivated while they learn, and put insights into action immediately.

Our presentations are practical, engaging, witty, relevant … and always, always, always customized with YOU at the center.

Give us 45-90 minutes, and we’ll give you an experience and education to remember.

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Speaking Topics

The Exponential Power of Recognition

Superglue your culture through meaningful connection and abundant appreciation

If you had the easiest, fastest, simplest, and no-cost strategy that could engage, unite, and retain everyone in your organization, would you want to know about it?

Many passionate, brilliant, hard-working people want to do their best yet feel unappreciated and overworked. Similarly, there are well-intentioned leaders who …

Recognition in a Hybrid World

Rebuild connection and deepen engagement across the digital divide

Contrary to popular belief, hybrid workplaces are NOT disconnecting your people.

The problem is not people logging in from different locations or the tumbleweeds rolling down your office floor. The problem is that before the rise of remote workplaces, we did not have authentic recognition practices hardwired into the cultural fabric. What we know today is …

Solution Focused Greatness

How to amplify collaboration, resilience, and positivity in others

Sick of people fixating on problems, focusing on issues beyond their control, pointing fingers, and casting blame? Do you feel like you’re constantly firefighting a revolving door that churns negativity?

Isn’t it more productive to identify solutions and, in turn, fuel connection, awaken creativity, and elevate appreciation? And what if you weren’t the one always doing it?

Here’s the secret …

Unleash Your Inner Superhero

Tap into the 5 secrets that will ignite your greatness

What if you were a superhero and you never knew it? You may think you’re just doing your job, and it’s “normal.” Whereas, to others, the work that you’re doing is extraordinary.

Let’s uncover and explore your unique gifts, strengths, and talents. Here’s the opportunity to refill your greatness gas tank, recharge your resiliency batteries, and activate your superpowers.

Now, imagine …

Flip Side of Failing

How unconditional recognition ignites resilience, relationships, and retention

Failure is a tough nut. Either we treat it like the other “f-word,” or we’re espousing its virtues for learning. Let’s face it. We don’t have much resilience when failure comes crashing into our lives and careers.

Most often, we play it safe. We avoid it or feel shame or blame when failure inevitably happens. We’ve had plenty of experiences that tell us …

“Connection is why we are here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.”

– Brené Brown

Deb Rakonjac

Organizational Development, Purolator Inc.

"Sarah nailed it!  She worked with the planning group to learn about the organization, the audience, the desired key messages and integrated it seamlessly into her keynote. Her energy was contagious! We received rave reviews of this portion of our event and Sarah was able to speak to all members of our organization in a way that motivated them to recognize others everyday. Our executives were extraordinarily pleased and integrated FROGging into their recent board meeting. Purolator is grateful to Sarah for dropping the pebble and we continue to see the ripples from this session across the organization. Working with Tami was phenomenal and the supports were easy to integrate to ensure the session went well. Thanks to you both!!"
Agata Siczek

Communications & Events Coordinator, Network Child Care Services

"We are so grateful for the training we received from Sarah. It was obvious to see that our staff were engaged with the material, and were able to apply it to their work days. It was just wonderful to see and experience the connection amongst colleagues."
Neil Dickens

Procurement & Supply Chain Director at McCormick Global Ingredients Limited

"Interesting, relevant and engaging. Sarah’s personality made her insights all the more relatable."
Nicole McKenzie

Client Services, AlayaCare 

"Sarah’s high-energy, engaging Keynote speech was the perfect way to kick off this year’s DeGroote Interprofessional Health Leadership Conference (DIHLC)! She has a unique ability to connect with the audience even virtually and her talk “The FROG Effect” about recognizing greatness in others, created a significant impact with our audience full of graduate students and healthcare professionals. She has a rare combination of entertainment value that will keep you on the edge of your seat; high energy to keep attendees engaged and by the end of her talk you will feel like you have been friends with her for years. I could not recommend Sarah more for any event or speaking engagement you may need!"
Adrian Trevino

Former Conference Chair, National Amtelco Equipment Organization

"Sarah was just above and beyond. Our association has existed for well over 30 years. We have had many keynote speakers over that time at our annual conferences. Sarah has certainly been the most anthropological speaker we have had. She invested so much time and energy into our group to understand us and our industry. Speaking to our group can sometimes be a challenge for speakers. However, Sarah was able to deliver a talk that was not only engaging but relevant!"
Linda Oslip

Executive Director, Canadian Call Management Association (CAM-X)

"We cannot thank you enough for helping to make our Virtual Conference a great success. Your perspective, insight and intelligence shone through, making this an exceptional and interactive session for our audience! PS - LOVED working with you and looking forward to working with you in person in the future!!!"
Thomas Schenk

Software Developer, PeoplePraise

"We jumped at the chance to be the sponsor of Sarah’s keynote on recognition. Not only is it aligned to our product, we believe we had more folks visit our booth because they left her session motivated and ready to bring recognition deeper into their organizations. It really showed that she did her homework to get to know the industry. We definitely would sponsor Sarah again."
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