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Sarah McVanel

Chief Recognition Officer & Founder

True acceptance is believing people are worthy before they’ve earned it. Imagine a workplace that extends acknowledgment and appreciation to its employees before they even start.

I’m a recognition expert, professional speaker, coach, author, recovering perfectionist, and movement maker of F.R.O.G. Forever Recognize Others’ GreatnessTM. With 25+ years of experience, I invigorate companies to see their people as exceptional so that, together, they can create a scrumptious, thriving culture where everyone belongs.

As the founder of Greatness Magnified, I’m proud to have built a thriving organization that specializes in providing training programs and certifications for employees at large. By being solution focused and resilient in changing times, we can help to build a healthy and recognition-rich team.

Here’s the fact: recognition is the single, most effective, and cost-efficient way that organizations can decrease burnout, sick time, change fatigue, and hiring costs. The reward? Increased employee retention, safety, innovation, and customer satisfaction… and that’s just the starting point. What organization doesn’t need this in a competitive marketplace with a talent shortage?

And it gets better. When you practice recognition in all areas of life, especially at home, it turns even the most difficult challenges and greatest tensions into opportunities to connect, commit, heal, and belong. 

Sarah’s credentials:

  • Canada’s leading recognition expert
  • 25+ years in adult education and professional speaking
  • CSP (Certified Speaking Professional)
  • PCC (Professional Certified Coach)
  • CSODP (Certified Senior Organizational Development Professional)
  • CHRL (Certified Human Resources Leader)
  • Degrees in Psychology (BA) and Family Relations (MSc)
  • Author of 5 books and dozens of peer-reviewed and trade magazine articles
  • Designations in Healthcare Administration and Human Resources
  • Certified in MBTI, Personality Dimensions, BarON EQi, DISC
  • Owner of the trademark and certification mark F.R.O.G. Forever Recognize Others’ GreatnessTM
  • Carb-ivour 🍞, amateur hip-hopper 💃, TikTok embarrasser to her two kids 🎶🤳

Tami Adams

Speaker Management Concierge

Humankind or humankind? I’ve had a backstage pass to organizations’ cultures for over ten years as an event professional. Sometimes people are treated like robots and aren’t appreciated. Underappreciation hangs over an event like a bad smell, leaving people saying, “This is a day I’ll never get back.”

There is a better way; the most successful events start with believing that those in attendance are exceptional and deserve an exceptional experience. I ensure you and your audience are valued, super-served, and supported. That is why I always treat you as unique and ensure your session is customized with tailored solutions.

Recognition isn’t a speaking topic; it’s my way of being.

I am your bubbly, quirky, nature-loving, deeply caring, high-energy speaker management partner who will ensure a session where everyone feels inspired, empowered, energized, and accepted.

Tami’s Credentials:

  • 13 years experience in event management
  • 9 years as a speaker relationship manager with a major bureau
  • Certified as a Virtual Event Meeting Manager (VEMM)
  • Events & Meeting Management Certificate from George Brown College
  • Executive Assistant Certificate from George Brown College
  • Supplier of the Year Award (Meeting Professionals International Toronto, 2019)
  • 6 years as Leader or Board of Directors for Meeting Professionals International Toronto
  • 5 years as Manager of Volunteers for the Toronto Cider Festival

Mallory Dunbar

Learning Specialist

People learn best when they are valued. My role is to ensure everyone has the tools and resources to achieve their greatness while learning more about recognition.

I’m passionate about working at Greatness Magnified because we’re educating workplaces on cultivating an accepting, kind, generous, and welcoming culture. I thrive in serving companies like yours, who genuinely appreciate their people.

I help you F.R.O.G. Forever Recognize Others’ Greatness™ in an authentic, meaningful way. I’m all about creating a learning environment that entices growth and opportunity. I am committed to ensuring every learner has an exceptional experience because they matter. And that includes you.

Mallory’s Credentials:

  • Degree in Political Science
  • Designation in Human Resources Management
  • Experience as a Learning Assistant

Monica Martin

Greatness Assistant

Recognition is the best way to make people feel good and stress less. I love to make people happy, and expressing appreciation does that. Whether volunteering to raise money for charities or supporting Sarah to ensure people know how to value their people, I’m all in.

I’ve worked for horrible bosses in toxic workplaces. For my well-being, I’ve had to quit. No one should ever be treated as less than great and have to sell their soul for a paycheque.

Being a part of Greatness Magnified allows me to take care of all the details so that Sarah and our trainers can teach people how to create inclusive and healthy workplaces where everyone knows they’re seen, heard, and valued.

Monica’s Credentials:

  • 10 years as Office Administrator and Course Coordinator
  • 20 years as a Virtual Assistant

Our Values

Disrespect slows when acceptance grows.

Every person needs and deserves to feel valued. We have a relentless desire to rid your workplace of incivility and empower you to create a culture of acceptance, appreciation, and belonging.

Achievement grows as friends not foes.

As our client, you’re not just a number. We are 100% about your success. We will go the extra mile to make sure that you, your team, and your organization feel seen, heard, and valued. 

Energy goes where appreciation flows.

Our commitment to recognition runs at a supercharged frequency. We’ll bring you best practices, innovative tools, and transformational ideas to revolutionize recognition in your workplace.

Possibilities grow as solutions overflow.

We are not afraid to ask the tough questions, elevate expectations, and push you closer to your greatness. Let’s solve the challenges you face by leveraging the exponential power of recognition.

Greatness grows beyond the status quo.

We hold you accountable to continually aspire towards excellence, and sometimes that means pushing you outside your comfort zone. It will be worth it. Greatness is worth the work.

We are on a mission to elevate greatness through meaningful recognition.

In other words, to Forever Recognize Others’ GreatnessTM.

Did you know that only about 30% of employees are satisfied at work? That means that 70% are “meh” at best to “soul sucking” at worst.

Let’s flip this ratio together.

#FROG someone today!

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing: it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.”

– Voltaire

Perry Ruehlen

Executive Director, Canadian Association of Safety Engineering

"The delegation was engaged from the moment she took the stage through to her last word. Her engagement of the audience and advanced preparation to ensure that her message was tailored to the audience are to be commended. It is without hesitation that I recommend Sarah McVanel as a keynote speaker!"
Spyros Volonakis

Executive Director, Network Child Care Services

"Thank you for your most inspiring and enthusiastic keynote address at our annual event for Staff and affiliated Home Child Care Providers, which among other things, marked Network’s 30th Anniversary. Our participants appreciated your positivity, timely remarks, and encouraging comments in the chat during the various presentations. It was a pleasure to work with the team at Greatness Magnified to plan this session and to have Sarah speak."
Kendall Netmaker

CEO, Canada’s Top 40 Under 40, Speaker

"Sarah is one of the best in the industry in helping her clients recognize greatness in their workplaces. As a coach, author and speaker, Sarah has become the "go-to" person in helping leaders recognize and engage top-level talent for positive bottom-line results. I definitely recommend getting her to speak to your organization as soon as you can!"
Thomas Schenk

Software Developer, PeoplePraise

"We jumped at the chance to be the sponsor of Sarah’s keynote on recognition. Not only is it aligned to our product, we believe we had more folks visit our booth because they left her session motivated and ready to bring recognition deeper into their organizations. It really showed that she did her homework to get to know the industry. We definitely would sponsor Sarah again."
Stephanie Staples

President, Your Life Unlimited

"Sarah is the real deal; bright, inspiring, creative, personable and kind. As a co-founder of the Nurses Week Resiliency ReBoot, I am fortunate to watch her in action during every phase of planning these global virtual events. From ideation to execution to post-event recognition, Sarah leaves nothing to chance to ensure that her audiences (and everyone on the team) feel heard and appreciated. Her passion for her subject, her depth of expertise and her enormous heart bundle together in the perfect package that results in the 'you'll-always-be-happy-when-you-hire-Sarah' phenomenon!"
Greatness Magnified

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