The F.R.O.G.™ Effect Workbook

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The FROG Effect Workbook: Tools and Strategies to Forever Recognize Others’ Greatness is full of the concrete strategies, tools and techniques that readers of our first book were craving to be able to consistently execute effective recognition. This workbook is full of how-to’s, stories of how others have successfully applied each tool, and alternative applications to ensure they fit for any workplace or team.

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Tools and Strategies to Forever Recognize Others’ Greatness

Just because you may be pressed for time, have limited funds, and have minimal buy-in doesn’t mean you can’t still infuse healthy intention and action into your organization’s culture. Whether you’re a busy frontline manager, c-suite executive, trainer, facilitator, coach or therapist, this workbook is full of solution focused tools that will enable you to elevate engagement immediately by capitalizing on the proven power of recognition.

Building on the evidence presented in Forever Recognize Others’ Greatness, this how-to guide walks you step by step through strategies that will allow you to put recognition into action. Learn how to have more strategic talent conversations, boost resiliency, and up the fun factor in your meetings, retreats, workshops, and everyday interactions.

With over 40 tools with multiple variations provided, you will find a plethora of ways to introduce and then continue to iterate the F.R.O.G. – Forever Recognize Others’ GreatnessTM approach.

Whether you’re experienced or just starting your career, build solid relationships, teams, and organizational culture through an abundance of simple, engaging, solution focused strategies and activities.

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7 reviews for The F.R.O.G.™ Effect Workbook

  1. Beth Morris (verified owner)

    This workbook was a really tangible tool to help work through the many innovative and engaging strategies which Sarah so clearly communicated. Using the FROG cards as well was so simple and meaningful to help acknowledge others, which does not happen as often as it should! Thanks Sarah!

  2. Jennifer Huynh (verified owner)

    Sarah’s incredible personality stands out so well in this book! She writes with great clarity, mixed in with humor, to explain the incredible recognition concepts that every company needs to implement immediately!

  3. Monica Martin (verified owner)

    Sarah shares so many easy-to-implement recognition strategies that can make all the difference in recognizing and retaining great talent. An absolute must-have!

  4. Cate Collins (verified owner)

    Another well written book by Sarah. Her hands on strategies help you connect, pay witness and engage your powerhouse teams. I highly recommend this book.

  5. Neil Cosby (verified owner)

    Excellent practical exercises to showcase the components of FROG! Provides valuable opportunities on how to ensure the efforts of all employees can be in the spotlight!

  6. John McMillian (verified owner)

    I brought this book into my business class to teach the students practical recognition strategies but I have found myself using them as a teacher! It is true what they say – people are intrinsically motivated AND extrinsically motivated…even the quietest student needs to be the shining star once and a while. I wish my principal would read it!

  7. Kathryn Orford (verified owner)

    I absolutely love Sarah’s FROG tools. This book is a MUST READ. Implement her tools and watch as everyone you come into contact with begin to blossom in front of your eyes.

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