ROCKSTAR: Magnify Your Greatness in Times of Change – for Healthcare

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Sarah McVanel empowers you with the ROCK leadership behaviours that will produce STAR results both right now and post-change. Written in a practical, no-nonsense style, ROCKSTAR provides advice and guidelines to help you focus on what matters most – your people.

Healthcare leaders want to embolden their staff, deliver quality care, meet standards and create a great reputation for the organization. But these goals are challenging during times of turmoil.

  • Your workforce is tired and burnt out.
  • You don’t have enough
  • You care but may be unsure of what to do.

With 20+ years working in and with essential services, Sarah has seen the challenges and barriers within the healthcare system. By putting her ROCK leadership behaviours into practice, you will empower collaboration, elevate quality, and reap STAR results.

Thrive or survive – it’s your call. ROCKSTAR is about thriving!

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10 reviews for ROCKSTAR: Magnify Your Greatness in Times of Change – for Healthcare

  1. Lesley Calvin (verified owner)

    WOW! Timely and impactful! WHat Sarah captures and communicates in this book should be read by all. 100% would highly recommend!

  2. Julie (verified owner)

    This is what I needed to read over my break. Ready to rock again.

  3. Brian Smith (verified owner)

    Never a more important read than know. This book is a great way to honor our front line workers in the health services. Well worth a read. Another gem from Sarah McVanel

  4. Kathryn Orford (verified owner)

    This book is a must read for all Healthcare Leaders to help you and your teams not only survive these incredibly challenging times but thrive. Highly recommended!

  5. Neil Cosby (verified owner)

    Inspired by the relentless work of leaders during the COVID 19 pandemic, Sarah demonstrates that riding to the occasion can be achieved under the most difficult of challenges and change! During these times, it becomes extremely important to recognize the work that is being done when it feels like an endless battle !

  6. Lauren Sergy (verified owner)

    Had just finished Sarah’s book “Flip Side of Failing” and immediately picked up this one. I’m not in healthcare but the lessons and ideas in this book were still totally applicable. This is great for anyone who is feeling burned out in their work for any reason, but is especially timely given the ongoing COVID crisis. The ROCK principles were easy to tie in to my own work practices. Highly recommend.

  7. Laurie Flasko (verified owner)

    Unfortunately, dealing with COVID has not come with a road map. Consequently, leaders coping with this crisis are experiencing extreme pressure. Sarah masterfully brings her experience from working in health care and provides insightful strategies for leaders that are both easy to remember and to apply. This book will help a lot of people, especially leaders who impact essential workers on the front lines in healthcare.

  8. Deb (verified owner)

    I loved this book as a reader. Easy read. Easy to execute strategies. As an OD practitioner is healthcare I know that the strategies are based in best practice. Sarah’s experience in healthcare and in coaching leaders comes through in this book. Based on an understanding of how healthcare really works and the real challenges leaders face Sarah suggests only strategies that work well. Highly recommend.

  9. Melissa Hartley (verified owner)

    Sarah is the quintessential servant leader. The ROCKSTAR book helps leaders see how to immediately action employee retention during uncertain and chaotic times like today. Thank you again Sarah for being a point of leadership with compassion!

  10. Kanchan Prinsloo (verified owner)

    As a healthcare leader for 26 years, I wish I had this book earlier in my career. I enjoy the tips that work and ‘What likely doesn’t work’ because it covers the stories in my head. This is a leadership book that serves.

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