ROCKSTAR: Magnify Your Greatness in Times of Change – for Women


ROCKSTAR women are a powerful force in the workplace, yet the data shows and experience reveals that the quest for equality, satisfaction and unfettered opportunity continues.

Following the outstanding success and response to ROCKSTAR for Healthcare Leaders, Sarah McVanel expertly applies the principles of ROCK Behaviors and STAR Outcomes to the perpetually shifting and ever-evolving playing field in which women leaders toil and achieve.

ROCKSTAR for Women Leaders provides ideas and techniques that enable women to move the needle forward every day – for themselves, their colleagues, those who report to them and the generations who will follow. You’ll find:

  • Practical strategies,
  • Validated evidence and
  • Advice from fellow women.

With Sarah’s help and her 20+ years of experience, you’ll build and deepen your practical toolkit for change readiness, resilience and, ultimately, greater success and satisfaction at work. Together, let’s lean into how to ROCK and get STAR results for ourselves and others!

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