Flip Side of Failing

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Flip Side of Failing – how to recognize and leverage greatness in life and work

Learn how to flip failure to fuel your professional and personal success.  Learn the science of failure backed by stories of over 30 inspirational Canadians.


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How to Recognize and Leverage Greatness in Life and Work

Who among us has never experienced a failure? Yet we beat ourselves up, cover it up, and even judge others. Why? We’ve been programmed to hide our mistakes because we are ashamed.

What if it didn’t have to be this way? What if, on the other side of failure, was an awakening, a deeper relationship, an improved process? What might that do for our personal and professional relationships, our businesses, our careers, ourselves?

Curious about what made some people exceptionally successful, Sarah interviewed over 30 accomplished Canadians about their greatness: Olympains, 3M scholars, awarding winning journalists and singer-songwriters, as well as inspirational Canadians who had triumphed over huge adversities, including residential schools, incarceration, addictions, and catastrophic accidents. Their stories are woven together into a formula for failure resiliency and unconditional recognition that we can all learn from.

By embracing the flip side of failing, you can utilize strategies that enable you to shine a light on obstacles, challenges, roadblocks, and outright failures so that you can leverage it as your superpower and not your kryptonite.

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9 reviews for Flip Side of Failing

  1. Eileen McDargh (verified owner)

    A great read for flipping when you think you’ve flopped! My field is resilience. I am always looking to learn more about this topic and Sarah has created a gem of a resource. Her case studies are spot on and clear. Her three part model asks the reader to move from deflate to mitigate to elevate. The questions Sarah poses are sharp and to the point. For those times in which you feel like a failure, get this book and work with Sarah’s wisdom. You’ll find there is a diamond where you thought it was only coal.

  2. Lauren Sergy (verified owner)

    A solid read if you’re in the need of a boost after feeling like a “failure” (however you define that)! This is a kind, compassionate read and a lot more useful than much of the toxic positivity tomes that are out there. Loved all the different stories and perspectives!

  3. Cate Collins (verified owner)

    Sarah is a gifted writer, speaker and coach. She has a natural ability to engage the reader with a healthy balance of her personal story, statistics and a wealth of knowledge and experience. She has flipped the concept of failure on its head and takes the sting out of it. Who doesn’t need how to learn how to engage and honour their powerhouse teams. Thank you Sarah for a well-researched topic. I highly recommend this book.

  4. Lisa Schmidt (verified owner)

    Sarah’s friendly tone, combined with her broad experience as a leader and speaker, give this book both gravitas and a sense of open-hearted possibility. She leverages her personal story as a spring board into the common experience of failure and loss we all face in our lives, and from there, invites us to see these so-called failures not only as inevitable, but as critical in our personal and professional growth. HIGHLY recommended!

  5. Codi Shewan (verified owner)

    Sarah enables readers to reframe failure as something that’s an essential ingredient of growth and success – and she does so eloquently through stories and opportunities for personal and professional reflection. In doing so, she invites the reader to step into their greatness and realize that failure can be transformational.

  6. Frank Zaccari (verified owner)

    With no disrespect to the movie Apollo 11, failure is inevitable in life. We will all struggle and at times the world may think we have failed. Sarah McVanel shows us that failure is a starting point for a new and better life. Failure is not defeat if we take what we have learned and keep moving forward.

  7. Lesley Calvin (verified owner)

    If you have ever failed this is the book for you! The Flip Side of Failing flips the perspective on failing on its head and shows how to leverage our failures to our growth advantage! SO much awesomeness in ONE BOOK!

  8. Neil Cosby (verified owner)

    Such a unique perspective to turnaround seemingly low moments in one’s life as the journey to success ! Sarah captures Indy usual stories showing that ultimately achieving in life and business comes with drawbacks but are the learning experiences for that ultimate success! Well written with amazing case studies!

  9. Jeff Nagle (verified owner)

    Flip Side of Failing is the book that will help give you permission to accept failure as an option in your life. The authenticity in her story and the stories of others who have failed their way to success combines to give the reader hope and the tools necessary to fail, survive… and succeed! A definite good read if you are one who fears failure, and really, who doesn’t?

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