F.R.O.G.™ Culture Starter Kit


The F.R.O.G.™ philosophy is a simple one: Forever Recognize Others’ Greatness™. It doesn’t take a big budget to recognize great people and keep them motivated to go above and beyond. It requires a little creativity, appreciation, and the desire to inspire others to do more great work!


Our top-selling F.R.O.G.™ Culture Starter Kit is the perfect way to launch F.R.O.G.™! This kit includes everything you need to build, grow, and protect your people-centric, recognition-rich culture. Each kit is designed for a group of 10 people. For example, if you have 100 staff, purchase 10 kits. Included are downloadables, challenges, and tools as well as one of each of the following products: F.R.O.G.™ Tributes, F.R.O.G.™ Charms, Squishy Frogs, F.R.O.G.™ Thank You Cards, F.R.O.G.™ Kudos Cards.


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