EP4: Are we bad feminists?

In this episode of the Greatness Together Podcast. We ask the question, “Is it possible we are bad feminists?” When Simonne came home from a Sociology lecture earlier this month talking about third-wave feminism, it was like a record scratch. Wait, hold up, what?! Yep, turns out there are three waves. 

Quote: “Educate yourself and look at the world from a new perspective…you will be baffled!” Simonne McVanel

Greatness Moments:

  • Are we bad feminists? 0:00
  • The different waves of feminism. 1:00
  • Many are still under-represented. 5:00
  • A salad bowl. 7:30
  • We have to keep moving forward. 9:30
  • Acceptance for all! 15:00
  • Educate yourself. 19:00
  • We need a 4th wave. 22:00
  • Let’s be part of the solution. 25:00
  • Next episode…High Expectations. 27.00

The concept of the waves of feminism brings our current focus on DEI (Diversity Equity Inclusion) in organizations into focus. In this episode, not only do we dive into the three waves of feminism and why EVERYBODY needs to understand them, but it helps give context to DEI in organizations beyond them being a token “program” such as a short-lived “training day” or a reaction to trending “social movements.” 

In fact, Sarah was recalling how, in the same Psychology program at the same school as Simonne almost 30 years ago, she worked in the Gender Studies office, and it might have been her first glimmer of the emergence of this third wave. 

Get educated with us, have some fun as we dive into a serious topic with a little mother-daughter banter, and join us as we boldly hypothesize what the fourth wave may look like. We are not experts; however, we are feminists. We hope this makes you curious enough to learn more from the true movement makers in the feminist and related movements.


Three Waves of Feminism
Cis Gender
Two Spirit
bell hooks 

Did you know that Sarah touches on the new science of stress in her motivational keynote “Unleash Your Inner Superhero”? This is like an exploding head emoji, as it makes so much sense! We know so much more about new stress responses once we finally studied women’s stress responses. (Feminist note: did you know so much of medical science and early psychology was based on studies of undergrads and guess who the subjects were women before entering higher education on mass…you guessed it…males. Doesn’t sound very evidence-based now, does it?) Think your audience – of any gender – might benefit from a healthier and more grounded perspective on stress and how it fuels self-recognition? Let’s talk

“I tell my daughter every morning, ‘Now, what are the two most important parts of you?’ And she says, ‘My head and my heart.’”

– Viola Davis

Sarita Parmar

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