EP2: Is it luck or is it fortune and does it matter?

In this episode of the Greatness Together Podcast, we ponder the question, are we lucky or fortunate, and what do we have control over?

Quote: “Yes, we are lucky to have our relationship, though it’s because we’re both voluntarily putting in the work.” Simonne McVanel   

Imagine yourself outside on a beautiful summer day at a pool party. What would you be doing? Well, if you’re a psych nerd like us and visiting another psych nerd throwing the pool party, you would be knee-deep in a discussion, asking the question, “Are we lucky or fortunate (or both)?” Huh. Great question! Who needs to be in the pool? Not us!

In this episode, we explain that there is, in fact, a difference between “luck” and “fortune” and why we take issue when someone says to us, “You’re so lucky” when we’ve worked darn hard to achieve that thing they have written off as a random gift from the universe. That said, we dive into the importance of valuing privilege and circumstance.

Greatness Moments:

  • Are we lucky or fortunate (or both)? 0.00
  • Psych nerds unite. 3:00
  • What is luck? 5:00
  • Recognizing bias. 10:00
  • Can there be both luck and fortune? 14:00
  • Can you change your luck? 16:00
  • Reflect and take responsibility. 17:30
  • Next time…What is the side hustle generation? 18:45  

If you would like to understand better how to leverage the factors you have control over and be deeply grateful for what you’ve been lucky enough to have been bestowed, you will love this episode. 

Fun fact…my daughter knows more about Billy Joel than I do. 


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Sarah dips a toe into this in her keynote “Unleash Your Inner Superhero”. Unfortunately, Simonne isn’t there, but maybe just Sarah would suffice ;-]

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