EP11: The Problem with Busy

Do you feel like you’re always busy?

On this episode of the Greatness Together Podcast, we’re tackling the B-word. Busy.


Quote of the Week: “If we are so busy and fixate on our value being output, then we miss the opportunities to experience our life.” Sarah McVanel

Greatness Together Podcast Highlights:

  • The problem with busy. 0:00
  • We’ve been busy! 1:00
  • Thank you for the suggestion, Josee. 3:00
  • The cycle of busy. 5:00
  • It’s a delicate balance. 8:00
  • The importance of boredom. 10:00
  • Does busyness heal boredom? 15:00
  • A self-care challenge. 19:30
  • Avoid the burnout & notice the Joy. 22:00
  • Next episode: Should We Get Bored? 25:45

 When someone asks you how you are doing, how often do you say, “Oh, I’m busy.” This isn’t connection! And the more we say this, the less connection we have to ourselves and others.

This builds on a previous episode in which we discussed guilt. One of our listeners asked us to cover this: Is it okay to slow down and not feel guilty? We resonated with this; we sometimes feel guilty for taking our foot off the gas. Should we need to wait until a vacation to take some downtime unapologetically? According to Sarah’s therapist, no. 

Do we feel guilty when we’re not busy? You’ll like this episode if the answer is on the ‘sometimes’ to ‘heck yes’ sides of the scale.

Like you, we lead very busy lives. When is it okay to stop and smell the roses? Well, Sarah is learning from Simonne, yet again, as Simonne is off on her fourth international adventure this s,ummer doing a work exchange in Australia. So far, a month into her time there, Simonne is prioritizing experience over work; when she looks back on her life, she likely won’t say, “You know, I should have made that extra thousand dollars and not hiked so much.”

We explore what we mean by busy, the concept of “busyness” in Western society, and how we can evict the unhealthy parts of it through an intergenerational lens.

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