EP 6: Are you a perfectionist?

In this episode of the Greatness Together Podcast, we’re talking about how being a perfectionist can have detrimental effects and some ways that you can combat the never-ending battle between being perfect and feeling like a failure if you’re not.

Quote: “I like to say that I am a recovering perfectionist because I work, really, really hard at not being a perfectionist.” Sarah McVanel 



Greatness Moments:

  • Are you a perfectionist? 0:00
  • Realizing that you might be. 1:00
  • When does it begin? 2:30
  • Is perfectionism a detriment? 4:30
  • Sometimes it’s exhausting. 6:30
  • Perspective helps. 8:00
  • Beware of perfectionism vampires. 10:30
  • Support perfectionists! 12:00
  • Next episode…Comparison. 13:00

Is kindergarten boot camp? Simonne shares some possibly strange, definitely interesting, and always thought-provoking ideas from her sociology class about how external validation from our first forays into school can have a long-term impact on perceptions of worthiness. Are we creating single-digit perfectionists? Do we hardwire expectations of performance based on externally validated reinforcements? Do we adopt unhealthy belief systems before we even realize who we are?

Okay, so maybe the metaphor is a little too extreme (although we bet you’re picturing these super cute little five-year-olds running around in camouflage); however, it’s worth a look at how much of our self-worth we align to earned approval and acceptance from others. Is that why so many of us find ourselves doing battle with perfectionism throughout our lives in our school, work and personal lives?

Is there a difference between perfectionism, mastery and excellence?

If you liked our last episode, and of course you did, you will love another look at expectations, this time from how they’re socially constructed and then internalized. Just like too much ice cream can make you sick, so can performing for others and having externalized indicators of worth. Can having overly high expectations rob you of the very joy and satisfaction they are designed to secure? Let’s aim for excellence rather than perfection.


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