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Create a Recognition Ripple Effect

If you are reading this, it means that you are interested in improving your employee experience and creating a recognition ripple effect. We have built a library of over a dozen resources to help you do just that. Get Froggy with us – F.R.O.G. Forever Recognize Others’ Greatness by registering here. 👇🏻


Recognition & Motivation Checklist

If you want to make recognition even more meaningful and personalized, find out how people most prefer to be appreciated. This checklist will allow you to do just that!

Compassion Satisfaction to Compassion Fatigue

Caring, generous, supportive people can get burnt out if their needs are not met. How do you know if you or others are depleted? Here’s a quick check-in resource.

Deeper Connection through Powerful Questions

Want to be more coach-like as a leader but aren’t sure where to start? Here are some starter questions that bust negativity, build support, enhance curiosity, and show you how to value people through inquiry.

Virtual Recognition Calendar

Keep recognition top of mind even when you aren’t physically together. Tackle one remote-friendly recognition strategy every day.

Recognition Openers Cheat Sheet

Whether it’s one-on-one, at a team meeting, or in a training session, here are some great openers that fuel appreciation-focused conversation.

Stay Interview Questions Resource

Don’t wait until your employee is out the door to ask for feedback. Conduct stay interviews to identify strengths, challenges and opportunities in your organization.

The Ladder of Accountability

Where do you stand on the ladder of accountability? Use this tool to identify where you’re at and how you can climb up the rungs.

Embracing Possibilities: 50 Reasons to Try New Things

Instead of focusing on why you can’t try something new, consider: ‘what is possible?’. What if the benefits of trying something new were just too good to pass up? Here are 50 reasons to try something new today.

Solution Focused vs. Problem Centric

Words have power! Noticing the words we use and intentionally shifting our language to be more solution-oriented allows us to unlock possibilities and fuel positivity.

SOAR Analysis Tool

Fuel positivity and inspiration with this empowering solution-focused alternative to the traditional SWOT analysis.

50 Ways to Practice Self-Care

Self-care is a personal journey, and it’s important to find activities that resonate with you and bring you joy. Browse our list of 50 ways to practice self-care and find what works for you.

Free compliments tear off flyer

Free Compliments Poster

We all sometimes need reminders of our greatness. Take the compliment you most need to hear today, or share one with a friend.


Employee Engagement Trends

Employee engagement rates have hit an 11-year low. With just 30% of U.S. employees engaged, recognition is no longer a nice to have, it’s a need to have.

The Cost of Ignoring Turnover

It’s no secret that turnover is costly, but how much does it really set you back? And what can be done to reduce it? Check out this infographic to learn how.

The Cost of Under Appreciation

Recognition is essential to business success – without it, your bottom line will suffer. Check out this infographic to see just how much of an impact recognition can have on your bottom line.

Facts about Recognition and Engagement

When it comes to engagement, recognition is key. Check out this one-pager about the data on how recognition is essential to boosting overall engagement.

Recognition is Not Fluffy Stuff

Here’s a resource you can print, share, and use to determine your return on effort (ROE) and make the case for a strong return on investment (ROI).

Tips to Prioritize Work and Life

With ever more priorities, it’s easy to feel we’re not doing anything well. Here are some proven strategies about how to prioritize what really matters and get the best results.

Flip Side of Failure Roadmap

How do you cultivate value resiliency versus getting stuck? Explore the power of the questions that enable you to build resilience versus react with resistance to inevitable obstacles, challenges, and roadblocks.

ROCKSTAR Leadership Manifesto

Leaders who are the ROCK to their people are rewarded with STAR results. They wholeheartedly believe in and practice this manifesto. Print and share!

Leading Through Uncertainty

When there is so little you can control, how do you show up as a leader for yourself and others? Here are 4 powerful anchors that will keep you grounded during uncertain times.


100+ Ways to Retain & Recognize Your Staff

Keep recognition fresh, fitting, and fabulous with this delicious resource of 100+ ideas. We have a strategy for every culture, work context, and budget.

70+ Ways to Retain & Delight Your Customers

Recognition is the single easiest and most sustainable way to reduce customer churn, deepen loyalty, and even boost profits. Check out the 8 types of customer retention that make up the 70+ suggestions for you.

A Year of Recognition

Make 2024 the year of recognition with monthly celebrations. From luncheons and team-building activities, to awards ceremonies and competitions, celebrations are made easy with our 2024 recognition calendar.


People Metrics Explained

Are you measuring what matters when it comes to your people? Are you keeping an eye on the people ball so you can be responsive? We’ve compiled a list of the most important people metrics you can use to track the pulse of your culture.

Product Resources

Coaching Greatness F.R.O.G.TM Style

Connect on a deeper human level and recognize what people care most about with this tool. This solution focused inquiry roadmap will help you leverage the power of curious questions to engage, connect, and inspire.

The Power of F.R.O.G.TM Tributes

How can you leverage compliments in your quest to build a people-centric, recognition-rich culture? Here are some ideas of where to start – particularly to get the full impact of your F.R.O.G.TM Tributes compliment cards deck.

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

– Vincent van Gogh

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