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“People may take a job for more money, but they often leave it for more recognition.”

– Bob Nelson

Sarah Roberts

Executive Director, MDRAO

"You gave a perfect presentation! You were able to talk to our audience in an engaging manner and everything was spot on. I heard one of our attendees say, "If she were to present the same presentation again in an hour from now, I would go back!"
Eddy Robinson

Indigenous Artist, Activist & Educator

"I have so much respect for you Sarah and have so much to learn from you. Thank you sincerely for your talk today, it was amazing. You have a tremendous gift, keep nurturing that gift so that you may it so continue to stoke our internal learning fire on this life journey."
Erin Robertson

Human Resources Professional, Upper Grand District School Board

"Moving – I’ve never left an ‘HR Seminar’ crying from happiness."
Cindy McArthur

Senior VP HR, Dexterra Group

"I have hired Sarah in every organization I have worked for. She has a unique ability to resonate with all participants, create momentum, and move people into action with passion and purpose. Sarah’s ability to get results, shift mindsets and fuel healthy cultures is second to none."
Linda Oslip

Executive Director, Canadian Call Management Association (CAM-X)

"We cannot thank you enough for helping to make our Virtual Conference a great success. Your perspective, insight and intelligence shone through, making this an exceptional and interactive session for our audience! PS - LOVED working with you and looking forward to working with you in person in the future!!!"
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