Magnificent Mid Life Master Class

As I approached 40, out of the blue, insight struck me with piercing clarity and great discomfort. My life wasn’t working quite as well as I’d been telling myself:

  • I worked way too many hours and was rarely mentally present with those I loved
  • I wasn’t eating well, exercising, pursing any hobbies or taking time for myself
  • I wasn’t being recognized at work, felt bored and unchallenged
  • We were financially tied to our lifestyle, leaving us feeling irritable and trapped

I realized I had two choices. I could spend the next half of my life feeling guilty, unfulfilled, trapped and disconnected, or I should make a MAGNIFICENT MID LIFE shift. (Guess which option I chose?!)

I’ve done the heavy lifting: carved out a MAGNIFICENT roadmap that’s worked for me and hundreds of others, and I’d love to work with you as your coach. I’ve also been thinking. What if there were an option to do this as a group; together in action, with clear processes & manageable steps, accelerated performance, accountability, and peer support through our successes & struggles. In other words, a MAGNIFICENT MID LIFE master class?

You know you’re ready to consider the possibility if:

  • You wake up tired before the day even begins
  • You are sick of making promises to yourself and others you don’t keep
  • You’ve lost the zest you first started in your field or job
  • You’ve got a dream so juicy but need support to make it a reality
  • You want financial freedom
  • You want to accelerate your 5-year plan!

Mid Life can be the BEST stage of your life. Don’t waste another minute wishing you were younger, thinner, richer, taller, better, stronger…you have all the greatness already within. All you have to do is chose to step into it!

Value you will get from an investment of only $97/month:

  • Monthly virtual Mastermind community calls   ($1164 value)
  • Living Into Your Greatness Roadmap (Workbook)  ($47 value)
  • My personalized Living Into My Greatness Roadmap   ($447 value)
  • Special Guest Advice – eg: health/wellness, biz/professional growth   ($1000 value)
  • Audio library of Greatness Lessons, MML Book Reviews & Master Class calls ($97 value)
  • Two personal coaching calls with Sarah McVanel    ($800.00 value)
  • Two VIP passes to next year’s Magnificent Mid Life event    ($290 value)
  • Facebook Master Class facilitated community & resource posts   (priceless!)

Master Class runs October 2016-September 2017!

Only $97/month.

Note: class running contingent upon sufficient registration.