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March...Ahem April Break

March…Ahem April Break? New Family Rituals You Will Want to Keep

Here in Ontario, it’s been a topsy-turvy school year (I know for you fellow homeschooling […]

self love

Self Love: How to Stop Being so Hard on Yourself & Leverage Unconditional Recognition

Have you ever found yourself: Prioritizing someone else over time you set aside for yourself […]

under vs over functioning with Sarah McVanel

Under vs Over Functioning – How to Find Your Balance & Stay Grounded In Your Greatness

Hey, fellow high performer. It’s been a bit of a struggle with our high expectations, […]

Elastic is Fantastic Flexibility Breeds Creativity with Sarah McVanel

Elastic is Fantastic – Flexibility Breeds Creativity

One of my favourite conferences that I love to speak at, the Spark Women’s Leadership […]

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