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Keeping Expectations Alive in Uncertain Times

My hubby and I have been binge-watching a great show (yes, I’m embarrassed to admit […]

Distractions, Deadlines and the Digital Divide with Sarah McVanel

Distractions, Deadlines and the Digital Divide: Ditching Disengagement through Effective Communication

Distractions. Zoom fatigue. Wi-Fi woes. We’ve heard all the reasons why communication has suffered this […]

perfect with Sarah McVanel

Why it’s Perfect to be Imperfect

Hey overachievers. Yeah, I’m talking to you (from one overachiever to another). You know what […]

virtual recognition with Sarah McVanel

3 Ways to Recognize and Motivate in Uncertain Times

I get asked many of the same questions about how to leverage the exponential power […]

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