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5 stars of recognition

Greatness Beyond the Strain: Self Compassion and Recognition in Our Stressful Times

“You literally can’t sustain it,” Paula Allen, head of research and well-being at LifeWorks, said […]

empathy in people

Believing People Want to Do Well: Searching for Hidden Greatness Even in Toxic Behaviours

Having conducted or lead a team that has engaged in over 100 team consultations, I […]

leadership clips to snack on with popcorn

Thought Leadership: A Series of VIMEO Clips to Snack On

Do you like to go to the drive-in? Perhaps the drive-in is on my mind […]

creating recognition with Sarah McVanel

Creating Recognition – Are You Missing Out On Greatness?

We love to talk about “going above and beyond.” Many of us have this award […]

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