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virtual recognition intention with Sarah McVanel

Answers for Setting Your Virtual Recognition Intention

I had the honour of speaking for an amazing group of leaders about how to […]

under vs over functioning with Sarah McVanel

Under vs Over Functioning – How to Find Your Balance & Stay Grounded In Your Greatness

Hey, fellow high performer. It’s been a bit of a struggle with our high expectations, […]

Nurses Week Resiliency Reboot

What are you doing for Nurses Week?

Healthcare peeps! I have been listening. I promise. I hear mass burnout, extreme stress, exhaustion. […]

healthy eating and body image with Sarah McVanel

Healthy Eating and Body Image: An Olympian’s Wisdom About Owning Your Body’s Greatness

I asked the amazing Heather L. Moyse, 2x Olympic Gold Medalist in Women’s Bobsled, to […]

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