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bullying at work

Bullying Cliques and Silos: What They Have in Common and Divides Us All

My friend Renee Thompson, Incivility Expert in Healthcare, has been just as busy during COVID […]

ROCK STAR with Sarah McVanel

ROCK Your Team to Get STAR Results

Anyone who has read my ROCKSTAR book will know ROCK stands for Recognize, Organize, Communicate […]

dealing with a toxic convo with Sarah McVanel

Dealing With a Toxic Convo: The One Secret Recognition Strategy that Resets and Redirects for Resolution

I think we’ve all had that situation where on the other end of the phone, […]

Accountable with Sarah McVanel

Holding People Accountable in a Remote World: A Recognition & Resiliency Perspective

How do I hold people accountable? I’ve never been asked this question as much as […]

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