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WORD_scramble_creating the opportunity to teach greatness

Creating the Opportunity to Teach Greatness: A Story From the Home Front…

Can I overshare for a post? Tell you all about my hubby for a beat […]

awe walk image of elderly couple walking in nature

The Importance of Awe: Finding Greatness in the Beauty of Nature

In our overwhelming, strained and distracting world of today, do you feel awe is missing? […]

reading list image of Sarah McVanel reading a book under a blanket

Sarah’s Summer Re-Reading List: The Best Books That Will Never Leave Her Shelf

Want to get grounded and clear? Need to be re-energized and get motivated? Looking to […]

Trillium Moments with Sarah McVanel - bed of trillium flowers

Don’t Miss your Trillium Moments

Do you negotiate with yourself? – You can do that thing that you enjoy when […]

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