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What I Learned from Postpartum Depression: Your Greatness Is Ever Present

See the video here: It’s amazing how life works. You haven’t thought about or […]

Random Acts of Kindness: Recognition Style

  A few months ago, I was flying home from a speaking engagement on this […]

How to Not Be Nervous Speaking In Front of Groups (And Let Your Greatness Shine!)

Do you ever feel like you want to throw up when you have to speak […]

Let’s Stop Talking about Employee Engagement…and Instead Build Employee Experiences

On the surface, shifting from “employee engagement” to the “employee experience” may seem like an […]

How To Get More Done in a Day (and Not Burn Out)

My BEST Productivity Hacks (How to Get More Done) I get asked a lot, “how […]

What to do When People Reject Recognition

Are you ever hesitant to recognize people…I think I know why… Have you ever praised […]

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