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image of a door locked with chains and says recognition lockdown hoping to retain people

Recognition Lockdown? Can You Retain People You’ve Laid Off?

“We are closing as of X due to provincial orders. Do you want to be […]

Give Them a Reason to Stay

To talk about not having enough staff without exploring a solution is like wishing we […]

The “Etch-A-Sketch Effect”: How Reinventing the Very Definition of Work Can Retain the Great People

Do you feel like the world of work is upside-down and backwards? Yep, it is. […]

HR Is the New IT: Why People Must Be the Priority for 2022

One of the juiciest phrases I heard in 2021 was: HR is the New IT […]

Lessons from 2021 to Fuel a Better 2022

Given everything else is upsidedown and backwards as we say goodbye to 2021, we officially […]

The Certainty of Uncertainty: Uncovering Greatness in the Cracks of Failure, Strain and Struggle

The certainty of uncertainty… No one ever raves about a movie with a smooth plotline […]

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