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Elastic is Fantastic Flexibility Breeds Creativity with Sarah McVanel

Elastic is Fantastic – Flexibility Breeds Creativity

One of my favourite conferences that I love to speak at, the Spark Women’s Leadership […]

The Flutter Factor – What makes you happy?

In the fall, I was speaking with a client about rescheduling her events (it went […]

Welcome to Your Next Tough Conversation with Sarah McVanel

Welcome to Your Tough Conversations Check-Up

Reading “welcome” and “tough conversation” in the same heading reminds me of that kid game […]

just breathe for self-care with Sarah McVanel

9 Essential Tips to Care for You

Okay, we get it. Self-care is more important now than ever. So how do we […]

Rent the Situation but Own the Lesson with Sarah McVanel

RENT the Situation but OWN the Lesson

Last week we talked about how the crisis of confidence you and others you look […]

leading with confidence with Sarah McVanel

Two Models to Help You Feel Confident and Competent as a Leader in COVID

Sunday morning, I received two more emails from exceptionally brilliant and passionate leaders in the […]

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