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Imagine if failing were actually a good thing…

What if you Didn’t Fear Failure?  How do you define failure?  Failure is defined as […]

The Genuine Human Connection: Authentic, Meaningful Conversations

Imagine you are at a conference, and you don’t see the typical, perfectly presented people […]

Is There a Benefit to Failing?

When we don’t lean into failure, mining it for lessons and for a reason it […]

The Flipside of Failing: How Failure Can Build Stronger Connections

Two months ago, I had the privilege of speaking again at the Spark Women’s Leadership […]

5 Ways to Boost Recognition Scores: The Easiest Employee Engagement Metric to Impact Before Your Next Survey

If your engagement and satisfaction scores aren’t where you want them to be, don’t lose […]

Four Ways to Boost Employee Satisfaction: Helping you Ride the Wave of our Current Talent Shortage

Picture this: You’ve just reviewed your engagement or employee satisfaction survey results and they’re disappointing. […]

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