Helping Leaders Recognize and Engage Top Talent for Positive Bottom Line Results

Sarah’s positivity, high energy and inventive approach to large-group learning kicked our summer into high gear through her dynamic presentation, "Collaboration in Action: A Solution-Focused Leadership Approach." Sarah provided practical lessons in how to increase employee engagement in the workplace and not only did Sarah involve members in the room, she made a powerful impact and engaged members who attended via webcast. Sarah brings insight and solutions regarding today’s HR issues and she is truly someone you will want to have speak at your next event.

Tracey White

Company : SCNetwork
Designation : Chair, National Programming Committee

Moving – I’ve never left an ‘HR Seminar’ crying from happiness.

Erin Robertson

Company : Upper Grand District School Board
Designation : Administrative Office

One of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself personally, and professionally, is coaching time with Sarah. From making challenging work decisions to determining next steps in my career, the foundational understanding I achieved through our coaching was essential. Our discussions allowed me to ensure my decisions matched my leadership style and felt true to who I am. I found once I worked from that base of understanding, decisions were easier to make and matched my personal beliefs. Although I know what I got out from my coaching was my own success, I appreciated Sarah’s consistent support to deepen my reflections and grow in alignment with my most authentic self.

Julie Nicholls

Company : Health Quality Ontario
Designation : Quality Improvement Plan Specialist

I had the great fortune of working with Sarah on our senior leadership team for several years. Sarah was instrumental in optimizing the performance of our team by keeping communication honest and effectual, and always aimed at our strategic goals. Sarah is a dynamic, fun, and effective facilitator and community engager. In the development of our strategic plans, Sarah was a main driver - right from the initial stakeholder consultations, through brainstorming, and up to final submission. She was outstanding at this.

Dave Cameron

Company : Province of Ontario
Designation : Regional Supervising Coroner

Sarah McVanel is a a rare, one-of-a-kind "Greatness Trigger”. Using an array of techniques and instruments, she helps organizations to achieve results far beyond what they imagined to be possible. Sarah is gifted at rapidly identifying and enabling the greatness dormant in her clients. Her process is rigorous, and she works hard to assess and identify their potential, working through the layers of values, culture (corporate and individual) and organizational structure. Sarah is a mentor to many new business owners, sharing her experience and her wisdom freely and widely, and her advice has helped many entrepreneurs to re-focus their efforts around their true strengths, the foundations of their greatness.

Dev Ramcharan

Company :
Designation : Coach, Consultant

I have hired Sarah in every organization I have worked for. She has a unique ability to resonate with all participants, create momentum, and move people into action with passion and purpose. As a speaker, facilitator, and coach, she helps leaders become clear on how to leverage their top talent and create plans that result in healthier teams and bottom lines. Sarah's ability to get results, shift mindsets and fuel healthy cultures is second to none. I highly recommend Sarah and her organization Greatness Magnified.

Cindy McArthur

Company : Carillion
Designation : Senior Human Resources Director, Compass Group

Listening to Sarah’s presentation at the 2016 Spark Women’s Leadership Conference was a breath of fresh air. Her infectious enthusiasm, positive attitude, and engaging stories captured my attention from the moment she stepped on stage. Her message of identifying and embracing each individual’s strengths really hit home for me; we all have something we are great at, so let’s recognize and combine these talents to create an unstoppable force. Not only was I given the tools and materials to help implement this attitude at work but also the motivation which is key! Thank you Sarah!

Meagan Pickett

Company : City of Dawson Creek
Designation : Arena Recreation Programmer